The Middlefield housing estate was built alongside Middlefield Lane in uphill Gainsborough in Lincolnshire in the early 1960s. Before that, it was farmland without any housing. For the community dig, test pits were sited across the estate in public areas and in residents’ gardens. Four test pits were also dug at Hillcrest Early Years Academy, which is not far from the estate, to the North.

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List of test pits:

1 Hillcrest Academy (front)
2 Hillcrest Academy (back)
3 North Parade (south)
4 25 Upton Walk
5 North Parade (north)
6 The Walk (south)
7 The Green (west)
8 Priory Close (south)
9 Upton Walk (south)
10 25 Sturgate Walk (front)
11 25 Sturgate Walk (back)
12 47 Middlefield Lane

13 42 DunstallWalk
14 28 DunstallWalk
15 35 AisbyWalk
16 4 SturgateWalk
17 DunstallWalk (green)
18 North Parade (centre)
19 The Walk (north)
20 Upton Walk (north)
21 Middlefield Lane Island
22 Hillcrest Academy (front west)
23 Hillcrest Academy (back west)
The black square indicates a possible site of Anglo-Saxon burials